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16 inch $72.59

A Phenomenal  Lavender Creation

Lavender Wands

10 inch $55.00

Love these - they smell amazing and make great gifts

Wreath by Liddlely

16 inch $72.59

All it takes is a single wreath to completely change the feel of your home!

Lavender Bundle

$22.00 each

This lavender was perfect!!!

I love buying from local farms!!!

Lavender Soap

3.2 ounce   $6.95 each

Add lovely, fragrant lavender soap to your bath to ease stress and insomnia.

9 available

Linen Spray


2 - 2.7 oz Bottles

Why We Love It

A quick spritz of our Lavender Mist Linen Spray refreshes all your linens with a delicate floral fragrance. This exclusive spray is an easy, affordable way to revitalize your sheets, pillows, blankets, comforters and other bedding items. Plus, it's made with essential oils so is completely safe around children and pets.

Landscape Your Garden Plot

Includes 6 Gallon Plants In Six Foot By Six Foot Garden Area

Let us add a little Bee Sanctuary to your Landscape!

We do the work and you enjoy the sweet scents and beauty.



Fresh Cut Lavender Bundles

Lavender Harvest is in JULY

Fresh Lavender Bundles are available for a short time each year.  Depending on the winter/spring warm up the timing may vary, but typically from mid-July to the beginning of August.  It may vary by a week either way.  It just depends on the weather. If you are looking for availability on a specific day, we usually recommend to check in with us in the spring for a better estimate of availability.

Our organically-grown fresh cut lavender bundles will be harvested by hand and shipped to you ( also available for local pickup).  Each long stemmed bundle is cut to order and contains around 150 individual lavender stems.

Caring for your lavender…..

Unwrap your fresh bundles immediately upon receipt.

To dry your lavender naturally, we recommend hanging your bundle upside down with good air flow.  This method will keep the stems straight and also allow the bundle to dry nicely.  After about 1-2 weeks, the stems should be dry and you can then place them in a vase.

Alternately, your fresh lavender may be placed in a vase (no water needed) and it will dry naturally.  Keep in mind though, that if there is not enough air flow inside the vase, your stems may get moldy as there is no place for the moisture to go.

To keep the lavender fresh a little longer, you may place in a vase with very little water (less than 1″).  As the water is used up, the lavender will dry naturally.  As mentioned above, as with any flower stems in water, they may get soft.